Explosion Proof Lighting Panelboard (Main Lug Only) – 12 Circuit

Product #: XPB1-121-L1-Q-N4-CU

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XPB1-121-L1-Q-N4-CU explosion proof panelboards are a main lug only 12 circuit explosion proof lighting panelboard and comes equipped with an Eaton Pow-R Line chassis. Rated for Class 1 Division 1 & 2, Gas Groups, B, C & D, with a single phase three wire 120/240 voltage. The NEMA7 hazardous location panelboards are designed with individual circuits that can be modified. The XPB1-121-L1-Q-N4-CU explosion proof panelboards are constructed of copper free aluminum and manufactured by Adalet in the United States and meets all industry standards for areas classified as hazardous locations.