Explosion Proof Factory Sealed Panelboard – Bottom Fed – 120/240V – 42 Circuit

Product #: X2PB1-421-M2B-225A

The X2PB1-421-M2B-225A is a factory sealed panelboard rated for hazardous locations, and includes 42 branch circuits that can be modified. This panelboard comes equipped with an Eaton Pow-R Line chassis and is rated for Class 1 Division 1 & 2, z2 2 Gas Groups, B, C & D, with a single phase three wire 120/240 voltage and a 225 Amp Copper Bus. The NEMA7 factory sealed panelboards are constructed of copper free aluminum and manufactured by Adalet in the United States. They are pre-wired and factory sealed inside the flameproof enclosure to the main distribution blocks and branch terminals housed in an IP66 rated, Nema 4X stainless steel Increased Safety terminal enclosure. The factory seal between the cast enclosure and terminal enclosure eliminates the need for external sealing.


Standard Features

• Come in 120 / 240 Volt Enclosures
• Factory Sealed, no external seals required.
• Fully Wired from Panelboard Enclosure to Terminal Enclosure.
• External Operating Handles can be padlocked either in the “ON” or “OFF” positions.
• Spring-loaded Operator Handles allow cover to close with handles in any position.
• Copper Bus is standard.
• Isolated Neutral and Ground Bar provided.
• Available with GFI or EPD Breakers
• Type 4 Gasketing provided for water and dust-tight seal.
• Breather and Drain provided for each enclosure.
• Removable Gland Plates for field installation of conduit entries.
• Terminal Enclosure has folded lip around the door opening to provide complete and maximum gasket contact, and to prevent
liquids from dripping into the enclosure when the door is open.
• Terminal Enclosure has continuously welded seams ground to a smooth finish.
• Ample wire bending space allows for easy terminal connection