In areas defined as hazardous locations safety concerns are elevated; and protecting your equipment and employees requires planning and specifying the right products for the job. Our explosion proof panelboards are designed specifically for use in these areas where gases may come in contact with electrical equipment.

Adalet explosion proof panelboards are designed to control lighting and appliances, power circuits and power distribution for applications that require branch power distribution, over current and short circuit protection.

Nema7 has partnered with Adalet for over 25 years as a factory authorized modification facility; we understand that no two locations are the same and as such all our enclosures are customized to meet your specifications. Some examples of where our enclosures have been used:

• Refineries such as Petrochemical plants

• Wastewater treatment facilities

• Agricultural facilities

About our Explosion Proof Panelboards:
All NEMA7 explosion proof panelboards are built with electrical components from Eaton, one of the most respected power management companies in the world. As a trusted integrator for Eaton electrical components, we source and supply only new and warrantied parts; no surplus material ever.
The enclosures are proudly made in the United States by Adalet, a Scott Fetzer Company that has been a leading manufacturer of enclosure systems for over 90 years.
Standard features include a gasketed cover providing type NEMA 4 rated protection for a water-tight seal, stainless steel cover bolts, removable hinges and breather/drain.
Why risk the safety of you and your employees? Choose factory warrantied explosion proof panelboards from a trusted source; contact us at!